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One Month Down, a Lifetime to Go!

It's been a month since I joined a gym. A month ago, WALKING one mile was a challenge. Today...I'm at two + miles with some intermediate jogging. A month ago, squats were impossible. Today, I'm doing squats AND walking lunges. A month ago, I was using 5 lb weights while doing one arm rows, and… Continue reading One Month Down, a Lifetime to Go!

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So…I did it. I actually joined a gym.

I never thought I'd join a gym, not in a million years. Joining a gym puts me so far out of my comfort zone, you might as well have predicted that I'd also travel to Mars. If you talked to me a year ago, the odds seemed roughly the same.     Last week, I checked… Continue reading So…I did it. I actually joined a gym.

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Living with Perimenopause: Part Two

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?” ― Ernest Hemingway If I could give only one piece of wisdom, share only one thing that's had a tremendous impact on my mental and physical heath.  I'd tell you to get outside and go walking.  I know this… Continue reading Living with Perimenopause: Part Two