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Writing, Not Writing, And Word Counts

I could probably write about my struggles with perfectionism every single day, and never run out of content.  Except eventually, I WOULD run out of steam, and then I'd find a way to sabotage myself.  That's what I do.  I think that's what all perfectionists do.  We try so hard to do everything the "right"… Continue reading Writing, Not Writing, And Word Counts

Bogging 201

Blogging 201: Three Goals

I'm not very good at setting goals.  Scratch that.  I'm great at setting's following through with those goals that trips me up. And then...I had a milestone birthday. Forty. Yeah, THAT milestone birthday. I thought I'd be able to get more accomplished by the time I reached my middle years.  I think this is a… Continue reading Blogging 201: Three Goals