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One Month Down, a Lifetime to Go!

It’s been a month since I joined a gym.

A month ago, WALKING one mile was a challenge. Today…I’m at two + miles with some intermediate jogging. A month ago, squats were impossible. Today, I’m doing squats AND walking lunges. A month ago, I was using 5 lb weights while doing one arm rows, and STILL had trouble with my form. Today, I’m using 10 lb weights and I’m ready to move up to something heavier. A month ago, I was terrified to walk into a gym. I felt like I didn’t belong there. I felt like an imposter. Today, I was doing intermediate walking/jogging next to a girl half my age, watched her check out MY treadmill speed, then watched her increase HER speed to match ME. A month ago, I joined a gym because I wanted to feel better. I was tired of feeling worn out all the time. I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t do the things I needed to do, like move a case of water from my car into the house. I never expected this one decision to have such an enormous impact on my life.

It’s not about the bathroom scale. My value as a human being is NOT determined by my weight. Three months ago, I made a decision to take care of my body, my WHOLE body: Mind, spirit, and flesh. I started with my mind and spirit. I’ve already seen changes in the way I handle stress, etc. But today I was able to truly see the progress I’ve made physically and that felt REALLY good. I’m starting to feel like I have the energy and physical stamina to LIVE instead of merely existing.

I AM a freaking unicorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xo Juli

P.S.  I FINALLY worked up the courage to open up a shop on Zazzle.

(Also, I needed an official gym shirt, so I made one.) Now, I just need to figure out how to create a gym shirt with a unicorn on it because THAT would be awesome!!!



6 thoughts on “One Month Down, a Lifetime to Go!”

  1. Look at you! That’s flipping awesome! I am so proud of you! *fistpump* Woo!

    Going to check out your zazzle store – way to go on that one too! You are just doing all kinds of butt kicking, aren’t you? 😀


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