Gimpy Longstocking gets a Sunshine Award

My thumb and wrist are still mending.  They're not 100%, but NOTHING on me is these days.  😉  Computer time is still limited, though I have been fudging that rule on occasion.  What rules don't I fudged?  Sometimes, being forced to slow down, isn't such a terrible thing. no coffee for over a week, due to… Continue reading Gimpy Longstocking gets a Sunshine Award

Life, Michigan

Hoffman Haus Updates: We’re OK!

It's unseasonably warm here in Michigan.  At this time in March, we usually still have some snow on the ground, but it was so warm out yesterday, I was outside in a t-shirt and capris.  It's been REALLY muggy and  humid out for this time of year.  It makes it hard to breathe when it's… Continue reading Hoffman Haus Updates: We’re OK!

Row 80

#ROW80 and Life Updates

This has been the week of the migraine! I don't know if it's the weather, or what's been going on, but I've had a headache all week!  I'm NOT sick.  Sinuses seem OK.  Bah!  The thing is, I don't normally get headaches, and especially not the light-sensitive variety, which is what I have.  I've been taking… Continue reading #ROW80 and Life Updates